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Nov 15, 2014

How to Get Blog Traffic From Yahoo Answers

             Yahoo Answers is a bustling question and answers community. Members may pose questions or answer questions asked by other members. It is a popular and successful platform. It has survived the challenges posed by other such communities, particularly Google Answers! Here, in this concise article, I will share with you some effective tips that will help you get blog traffic from Yahoo Answers.

               Just focusing on organic traffic would be foolishness. That is because SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies changes from time to time. The factors helping you to rank high now may take a beating in the next algorithm update! Just take a look at the blogs, which suffered huge traffic loss post Google’s algorithm updates in the recent times. Thus, it makes sense to focus some effort towards building up sources of referral traffic. When talking about referral traffic, the first thing that comes to our mind is- Social Networking sites. This is followed by other sources namely- social bookmarking, forums, communities etc.
               Yahoo Answers, as a source of referral traffic, is often overlooked even by the smartest of bloggers. According to me, with the right strategies, it can be mould into a source of consistent referral traffic. Before learning how to get referral traffic using it, let

Out of the many advantages, the following are the key ones-

#1 More sales, conversions

               If your blog is all about selling/marketing products, then the extra traffic can very much be converted into extra sales! You see, Yahoo Answers is a PR7 site, which is trusted by many! So, a link to your blog from it carries some ‘weight’!

#2 Increased reputation and exposure

              Well, this is an advantage of sharing links on Yahoo Answers. Basically, it is a ‘problem solving’ site. Thus, any link you quote or share there is aimed at solving problems. Thus, with the number of problems you solve, your reputation rises! Ultimately, this is good for your blog too! Along with this comes added exposure, which is also crucial to a blog’s success!

#3 You’ll get repeating visitors

              Yes, this is an interesting prospect. A visitor who comes back to your blog for more, later, is a valuable asset. With Yahoo Answers, you’ll get just that. When people see that your blog is good at ‘solving problems’ and for getting solutions, it is more likely that people will bookmark it or visit it again on a consistent basis. Interesting prospect, isn’t it? Now that we’ve ran through the list of different advantages, let’s now get to know the methods of getting traffic. Here are some effective strategies that you should try out-Getting traffic to blog from Yahoo Answers

              Before we start, it is a must that you should have a Yahoo id. You may log in there using your Facebook id also and complete your profile later.

After that, follow the tips listed below-

#1 Become a level 2 member

              Yahoo Answers works on ‘points’ system. When you answer a question, you are awarded 2 points for your efforts. While signing up, you are provided with 100 points. New member belong to ‘Level 1’. Upon answering questions and accumulating points, a member is promoted to ‘Level 2’. To become a level 2 member, one should amass 250 points. An easy way to get to this level is by leaving really good answers. Because, if your answer gets elected as the ‘Best Answer’ by the poser, you’ll be awarded 10 points extra! Thus, this makes journey to achieve 250 points much easier! But why reaching level 2 is a must, you might ask. This is because, if you want to leave a ‘clickable’ link to your blog, along with the answer, then being level 2 member is mandatory. Basically, getting traffic using Yahoo Answers is by leaving/quoting links of your blog posts along with answer to the relevant questions. Now, in case of a level 1 member, the url left wouldn’t be clickable. And people these days are too busy to copy and paste the url to the address bar of their browser to get a glimpse of your blog!

               But, in case of a level 2 member, the url left is clickable. This highly increases the chances of it getting clicked. The more the clicks, the more the number of visitors! Thus, becoming a level 2 member is of utmost importance.

#2 Finding the ‘hottest’ and ‘most sought’ questions to answer

               This is the most crucial part. Getting consistent traffic from Yahoo Answers will only be possible if you satisfy this aspect. You must find a question that lots of people ‘will search’ in the future. You must try to answer and leave your blog’s links on answers to such questions. And yeah, finding such questions is not easy. But, to an extent, you can zero in on such questions by scavenging through the tons of questions being asked across various categories on Yahoo Answers. Make it a point to look out and make use of such questions. Because, only then will more and more people see and click on your blog’s url. And while answering such questions, remember to write the ‘best’ answer possible! Also, you must make it sure that your blog has an awesome post related to the question posed. Only then will leaving the url along with the answer make sense!

#3 Do self promotion in limit

               The moderators at Yahoo Answers are pretty efficient! They are good at scanning through large number of answers and filtering out spam and self promoting stuff. Make sure that you don’t just focus on promoting your own stuff. In fact, when you start out, you should promote more links from other reputed sources, like- Wikipedia links, links from influential sites and blogs etc. Also, try to maintain a healthy ‘ratio’ of self promotion to promotion of others’ links. Like for every link of your own blog you share, share 3 links from other sources along with your answers! This way, you’ll manage to stay safe from the radar of the moderators. If moderators find that you are violating their community guidelines and remove your answer, 10 points will get deduced from your account! So, never go full throttle when it comes to promoting your blog’s posts along with answers!

#4 Take help of friends

                If you’ve got help, tasks become easier! Ask your large hearted friends to lend their support in your crusade! Ask them to use the site and reach level 2. If they are lazy, like me, to type answers and accumulate 250 points, you may ask them to just give their ids to you so that you may answer questions using them. And if things sway your way and you manage to get multiple ids belonging to level 2, you are in luck! You may promote your blog’s links better using those ids also, keeping points #2 and #3 in mind, without forgetting to implement them!Further, you may also ask your friends to ‘pose’ ‘much sought’ questions and you may answer them. But hey, this is an ‘unethical’ method and needs to be performed with much precaution! I usually don’t recommend this method, but I’ve seen folks doing this and getting good exposure in the process.

#5 ‘Forcing’ people to quote your blog posts in their answers

                 This is an exciting and rewarding prospect. Let me give you an example. In an education related blog of mine, I created an article describing various good courses in India to study. I made a concise list. It ranked well in search results and got read by many. Slowly, people using Yahoo Answers started using the link to that article while they answered relevant questions. Usually, they’d list a few courses and give the link and state- ‘You’ll find the whole list here’. And I still get visitors from those very links! All this happened without me putting in any conscious effort! Literally, the quality of the article ‘forced’ people to use it in their answers! You may also do this feat, be it any niche that you are blogging about!


                  These are the strategies that I’ve always depended on, to get traffic from Yahoo Answers. The main strategy should be to work steadily, without being too aggressive in self promotion. Also, finding the ‘hottest’ question also is necessary. Hope you’ll implement the tips and get good results. Share this post and express your opinion in the comment section.

Oct 2, 2013

How to Optimize Your Content for the Web


Optimizing web content is a skill that's changed a whole lot since the early days of the SEOs.  In previous times, it was a simple matter of jamming more keywords in than was healthy, followed by purchasing a few links to the page from a creepy guy who only communicated via Skype.  Fortunately, things are now both more interesting and less scary.  So to help you, here is our guide to optimizing your page in 2013:

Have good content

In a post-Penguin world, the best way to make your page popular with the big ‘G’ is to make the content on it really good.  Like, really good.  To the extent that people love reading it so much, they instantly pass it to their mate, and then all the people on their e-mail list, and everyone that follows them on Twitter, and all their friends on Facebook, and virtually everyone they know. 

Build it for the user, not for Google

Linking into the above point, your aim in terms of page structure should be to create a great user experience.  You should build pages that are aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, and contain relevant content.  So once you’ve set up your website, take time to really think about what your website should look like and how the pages should be laid out; can users see everything they need to without the page looking too busy?  If they want to share the content on LinkedIn, will they know instinctively how to do so?  Make sure that your pages are easy to navigate.

Yes, meta still matters

Meta data is probably never going to go away.  Whilst the rest of the content on the page might be superb, Google still needs to find it!  However, the key in 2013 is for the keywords, H1s, H2s and descriptions to read naturally.  This is because - and you probably know what I’m about to say –this makes them more pleasant for the reader to look at.  Rather than saying 'Bodyguards UK services', saying 'Our services include UK bodyguards, amongst other...' will use the same words, but be more pleasant to read.


Here's a fun fact for you: 60% of the videos watched on YouTubein the US last year were viewed on a mobile device.  Mobile seriously matters, so you should be focusing on making sure your site looks great on portable devices as well as PCs.  Many CMS systems (Wordpress in particular) are easy(ish) to configure, but if you're stumped then you should get an expert in to help make it mobile friendly.  If you don't target those portable devices, your pages are missing out on a LOT of potential traffic.

Integrate Social

It's no secret that social media is now a vital ranking factor.  Because of this, it's important that every single page on your site contains all of the necessary buttons to enable your viewers to share that content with their friends.  Every single one of those likes, re-tweets and +1s will help increase both your traffic and the reputation of your site.  Missing out on social in 2013 is seriously silly.

Include back-links

Five years ago, linking to other sites was considered a pretty bad idea.  ('What, them, get some of my link juice?  I think not...'), but now, it's essential.  Remember, your aim is to create useful, genuine content.  Any proper content will inevitably refer to other sources, and when referring to other sources on the web, you have the chance to link directly to it.  You're enhancing the user experience by doing so, and therefore increasing the quality of your content.

Aug 17, 2013

SEO & Reputation Management: Why They Are Crucial To The Modern Business Model

Having a bad online reputation is damaging not just to your business' profit, but also to your growth as a company. One bad review can cost your company any customer with access to the bad review. Once something is online, it is very hard to remove it. Using search engine optimization to up your company outreach is great, but online marketing is more complicated than just SEO statistics.


We All Research Before Acting

According to an article written on, about 82% of consumers do research online about businesses and products before actually making a purchase.  If your company has any negative ratings, this means that about 82% of your customers will be able to read them. Obviously, this can cause your company to lose sales.
The best way to make sure that these negative reviews don't dampen your sales is to offset any negative comments with more positive ones. Most people will probably not make a purchase if you have a 50/50 split with positive and negative comments, but that hesitance is easily lost if your company has many more positive comments than the negative.

SEO Helps Potential Customers Find You

With search engine optimization, you allow your website to talk to search engines in a more efficient way. You allow information on your website to be indexed in a way that helps potential customers find you more easily, helping you to expand your business.
The trick, however, is making sure that you have designed a website that is easy for both human readers and robot (search engine indexing) readers. With good SEO, you help search engines figure out what your page is about and what kind of customer base you have.

Tips and Tricks to Getting Positive Reviews

In order to get those positive reviews, here are a few tips to try out for your business.
  • Read the reviews you have now. You won't be able to make your customers happy if you aren't listening to them.
  • Consider using your social media sites to ask for reviews from the people who already follow your page.
  • Make your web presence known by creating social media accounts, or you could even hire a services company.  These companies manage your online presence and help you figure out what steps to take in order to give you a positive presence.
  • In the event that you do get a bad review, make sure to respond as soon as possible. Don't respond with emotion -- instead, respond with an offer to make the entire situation better for the customer. Potential customers will love that your business cares about how they feel.
When thinking about your business' online presence, don't forget about how important it is to please your customers and reach as many people as possible. With positive reviews and good SEO, not only will your reach be wide, but your customers will be happy and more likely to buy from your company.

Jun 18, 2013

Top 6 Ways Your Website Can Make You Some Extra Cash

There are several ways to make your website profitable. Displaying ads, selling products, and charging visitors for access to premium content are a few options to consider. Here are the top 6 ways your website can make you some extra cash.


6. Sell Ad Space

Instead of joining an ad network, you can offer space on your website directly to companies. For example, if you have a blog or website with a large anime fan base, you could reach out to anime retailers regarding ad placement for their business on your website. Negotiate a fee for placing the ad for a specific amount of time.

5. Place Advertisements on Your Website

One way to earn passive income with your website is to place ads on the site. Use either a pay per click advertising network, such as Google AdSense, or a cost per mille network, such as CaSale Media. Pay per click ad networks pay you every time a visitor clicks on an ad. With a cost per mille ad network, you're paid for every thousand views of an ad. Most reputable ad networks offer $1 to $10 per thousand views.

4. Sell T-Shirts, eBooks, and More

Another way to make money on your website is by selling things related to your website. DVDs, eBooks, audiobooks, and apps are some of the things you can sell. T-Shirts, cups, and mugs with text or logos related to your site sell as well. There are several websites which let you create and sell these types of goods including, CafePress, and Spreadshirt. Simply place a shopping cart or link on your website to these products, or use a website builder to add a store to your website.

3. Consider Affiliate Marketing

Instead of selling your products, try selling the products of another company, for a percentage of the sales. Most affiliate marketers receive about 5% for each product that sells as a result of their efforts. This can simply be a link on your webpage back to the product page on the company's website. A product description and recommendation usually is all you need to have your visitors click on the link. You will get the credit for each referral. and several retailers offer affiliate programs.

2. Charge for Access to Premium Content

Having a subscription plan for premium content is another option. This could include articles, videos, music, and images. You could charge monthly for access to private forums as well. Depending on your website, there are several more things you could offer to entice your visitors to subscribe to premium content.

1. Embed a Donate Button

One more way to make money from your website is to embed a donate button. Visitors to your site can click on the button and easily donate with a credit card. You can get a donate button at This site accepts online payments, including donations.

Ads, products, and donations can be huge revenue generators for your website. However, avoid placing too many ads on your website. This can appear spammy and it might drive away some visitors. What other cash-generating tactics do you use with your own site?

Apr 13, 2013

PaydayMansion Affiliate Program Review


PaydayMansion Abouts

Affiliate marketing industry is growing strong in many countries of America and Europe. The biggest markets seem to be the United States and the United Kingdom. There are numerous affiliate marketing programmes in the market. But in fact, there is no such a programme that would be specialized in only one industry. Such a programme is PaydayMansion. PaydayMansion acts only in payday loans industry. Therefore it may focus only on one group of customers and develop better acquisition strategies. Thanks to this, our affiliates are able to get the highest commission in the market. No payday loan affiliate programme is able to offer commission fee on such a high ratio, as we do. 

Big money – even 2-4 k USD per day!

Affiliate marketing in payday loans is a very hard work. Competition level is enormous, there are thousands of companies that are ready to struggle for market share. We know how to reach customers and build a competitive advantage for those, who are interested in cooperation with us. For our efficacy, we are well remunerated. The gross of money from the traffic we offer to our affiliates. We pay to the best webmasters even 2-4 k USD daily. It’s not a marketing trick, it’s true. If you provide intensive and good-quality traffic, you may beat this record.

We value opinion of affiliates

What makes our payday loan affiliate programme stand out is the way we consult some good practices and rules. We have not achieved anything special without affiliates. They generate traffic and share their opinion with us. We have designed PaydayMansion only thanks to long hours spent on discussion with experienced webmasters. We have got experience in launching affiliates programmes for our customers. But in terms of business model we needed to look at the whole stuff from different perspective. From affiliates, we learnt how affiliate programme should work, what its biggest drawbacks are, and in what terms it should be competitive. The main strength of our program is the highest commission fee, that you may get, without any special hassle. 

Members Area

To join our programme you need to pass the registration process. The signing-up procedure takes two stages that are not complicated by any means. In the first stage of registration you have to give us your personal and address details, name and surname, place of residence, telephone number, and e-mail address, and URL of website( if you have one or more). After giving us these information, we will verify them.

But before you will start the registration you will be given an invitation code. Our programme is exclusive, we decide who will be invited, but mainly we trust in judgment and opinion of our affiliates who distribute invitation codes to their friends and relatives.

Affiliate platform

As the best payday loans affiliate program we provide you different ways in which you can be supported by our team. Use ICQ, Skype or e-mail, to get all needed information. 
Summary report

Abundance of marketing methods

We are committed to giving our affiliates all marketing methods possible. You can use public and private landing pages to generate traffic, but also you can use banners, popups, pop-unders, pay-per-click campaigns. If you will discuss the matter with our affiliate manager you can also use social media, job advert pages to promote payday loans. 

 Sample landing page



 Sample landing page

Landing page is the place where users become leads. You can redirect them from the web to the landing page. With the correct call-to-action, users will be triggered to leave their contact details. When they are positively verified, they are added to your traffic and your commission increases.

About reports and payouts

Like all affiliates you need to know what actions you make, and what their results are. In such cases you can use dashboard in the members area to generate all reports that you may need. You can create global reports that will show you summary statistics. You can also group information by a specific performance indicator. You also get inform about referrals and all installs of mobile applications. 

Reports - Dashboard

As an affiliate you will get money per every fourteen days. We will send it to you by PayPal or WMZ. In some cases, when transfer fees are high, we may extent the hold period (meaning: more than fourteen days).

You know that the best affiliates get 2-4 k USD per day, it means 60-80 k USD per month! If you are such a forerunner, you may be sure that we will send you money more frequently.

Traffic from Mobile Applications

We have designed a special mobile application for iPhone and Android that collect leads using mobile devices. It is also another source of cash for you. You can create mobile links and send it to your friends and relatives. Each download of application brings commission for you. You are remunerated with 5% commission for downloads. We will find them with the use of our high-end tracking system. All downloads are connected with application, and your affiliate ID.


In Summary

To conclude, it may not be so wise to cooperate with more than one affiliate programme. Perhaps you may be interested in entering into agreement only with one. PaydayMansion seems to be the best solution in this case.

Believe in economy of scale and specialization. Affiliate programme that is focused on one industry, and one group of clients, has better understanding of such a market, and is able to give all the relevant help to webmasters. PaydayMansion is such a programme, without any doubts. 

Mar 16, 2013

A Study on the Features of a Good Online Website Builder

With the advent of the internet, every aspect of human communication has been revolutionized. This is exactly why, the business entrepreneurs find it extremely necessary to go online with their businesses. Creating a website for your business is no more a difficult task. With the assistance of an online website builder, website creation is a matter of just a few minutes now. 


It won’t at all be exaggerating that the online web developers work almost instantaneously. What is most interesting is the fact that one can actually avail online web building services at a much cheaper rate than what it normally comes at. Apart from business uses, one can also get a website created to cater to his personal needs. Irrespective of what use you will be putting the website to, an attractive one can be created with absolute ease. But, before you hire a website builder for yourself, have a look at some of the features of an online website builder.

1. Templates and Images

You will get to tamper with a large number of templates, which come in awesome themes and will go with numerous images. You can use them to get the design of your website modified. You can customize the template as you wish.

2. Drag and Drop

The user-friendly HTML editor that can be tailored to meet specific needs can help a website be up and start running instantly. Just follow the common Drag and Drop method.


3. 24x7 Support

It is normal for you to come up with queries. Thus, a good web hosting service provider must be equipped with the infrastructure of providing solutions to your problems, whenever you need them.

4. Customizable Email ID

Besides customizing your website, you would also get to tailor your email. Thus, you can now come up with branded accounts.